Clerk to Kensworth Parish Council: Maxine Whiting

Email, Tel 07912298141

Kensworth Parish Council, c/o 6 Cheney Close, Toddington, Beds LU5 6BE

Parish Councillors:

Chairman Pat Mitchell  Email

Vice Chair Ian Lowery Emal

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Councillor Gerry Blackburn Email

Councillor Cheryl Browne Email

Councillor John Murray Email

Councillor Graham Starkey Email

Councillor John Worboys Email

Councillor Philip Woods Email

Central Bedfordshire Council Ward Councillors:

Kevin Collins, Phone:  0300 300 8523  Email:

Eddie Perry, Phone:  01582 873909 Mob: 07970 285592 Email:


London Luton Airport: Cllr Blackburn

Allotments: Cllrs Starkey & Browne

Children's Play Area: New - Cllr Murray, Existing – Cllr Mitchell

Focus Group: Cllr Mitchell

Highways: Cllr Lowery

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group: Cllrs Worboys, Lowery & Mitchell

Speedwatch: Cllr Mitchell

Village Hall: Cllr Mitchell