The current CCTV system at the village hall has been upgraded with additional cameras installed that now cover the recreation ground and play areas.




We have now completed allotment renewals and are in the process of contacting new enquiries to allocate plots.


The parish council have received complaints from residents close to the allotments and wish to remind allotment plot holders that only female hens are allowed.


Cockerels and breeding of poultry is strictly forbidden at the allotments.




Following the kind donation and funding of a defibrillator, this will be installed at the village hall in February. We are also exploring other funding options for a second defibrillator.


Villager of the Year


The Parish Council will once again be awarding the Villager of the Year award to a deserving person or organisation who gives their time without payment or personal gain to help the local community. Please let the Clerk or Councillors know if you wish to put forward anyone. By 28th February. The award will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in April.


Budget and Precept


With new play equipment purchased and improvements made to CCTV in 2019, the parish council are keen to replenish reserves and make further enhancements to the village (eg build up a traffic calming budget, more play and gym equipment, planting of daffodils and Christmas lights) and also progress with the Neighbourhood Plan.


It was agreed on this basis to increase Band D by £10 per annum, from £65.07 to £75.07, meaning Band D residents will contribute an additional 19p a week for 2020/21.


Highways Issues


We have received complaints from residents at The Chilterns regarding vehicles driving over the grass verge and footpath into the estate by the school gates. Central Bedfordshire Council Highways department are installing concrete bollards to stop this illegal access. There have also been complaints about vehicles parking on the pedestrianized areas in the estate.


We have requested highways to install additional bollards and signage to prohibit access.


If you identify any areas in the village which require highways attention, we request you report these directly to them on tel 0300 300 8049 and also via their website or




Luton Airport Expansion


MP Andrew Selous has advised that the planned expansion of Luton Airport, where there is the potential to increase up to 36-38 million passengers per annum, meets the threshold for a Nationally Significant Project under the Planning Act 2008. As such, an application would need to be made through Development Consent Order, examined by the Planning Inspectorate and decided upon by the Secretary of State for Transport.  There is also a revised application from Luton Borough Council to vary condition 10 on noise pollution. MP Selous will be able to raise any local points of concern directly to the Secretary of State. If you have any concerns that you wish MP Selous to raise with the Secretary of State in respect of the application, please contact him on his email address:-




Central Bedfordshire Council


We are saddened to hear that Ward Councillor Eddie Perry is unwell and we wish Eddie a speedy recovery. If you have any Central Bedfordshire Council issues that need addressing by Ward Councillors, please contact Ward Councillor Kevin Collins on tel. 0300 300 8523 or email


Kevin also holds a drop in surgery on the first Saturday of each month, 10am until midday at Lyons Community Centre, Mallard Crescent, Caddington Woods, LU1 4FG


Central Bedfordshire Council website allows you to report any problems in the village.


You can report potholes, street lights, overgrown trees etc directly on their website. This system is quicker, more accurate and will provide you with feedback and a tracking number. You can also get enhanced feedback, if you provide an email address, Central Bedfordshire Council will send you updates about the problem you have reported.


If you would prefer to call Central Bedfordshire Council, please see their numbers below:


Customer Services/Main Switchboard:   0300 300 8000     




(For issues relating to refuse, street sweeping, dog fouling, littering, fly tipping, etc.)


Highways:    0300 300 8049     


(For issues relating to roads, potholes, footpaths, signage/ lighting, highway trees, parking on footpaths and grass verges, etc.)


Planning:     0300 300 8670       (For all planning applications and enforcement issues)

Pollution:     0300 300 8302       email:


Kensworth has a restriction in place for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes, however lorries making deliveries in the area are exempt. If you spot an HGV you can report it to Central Bedfordshire Council and they will contact the company and take further action if appropriate.

If you can, please report as much of the following information to

  • name of company
  • registration number
  • date and time
  • location


If you think a domestic bonfire is causing a nuisance, then fill in the Central Bedfordshire Council online complaint form (link opens in new window). Alternatively, contact their ASB and Stat Nuisance Team by calling 0300 300 8302 or emailing asb&

If the bonfire issues are caused by a business or is on a commercial property, please contact their Public Protection team on or 0300 300 8302.


It is an offence to allow a dog, which you a responsible for, to foul and not clear it up immediately when in a public place such as:

  •  footways and paths, including public footpaths, and footpaths across fields
  • play areas, picnic sites and outdoor eating places
  • sports playing pitches
  • formal parks and land where the grass is cut
  • land outside schools and hospitals
  • car parks, public transport bays and surrounds
  • cycle ways and surfaced areas near to houses
  • shopping areas, markets and public circulation areas
  • cemeteries and war memorials
  • land surrounding toilets, recycling sites and public buildings

The penalty for committing an offence contained in a Dog Control Order is a maximum fine of £1,000. Alternatively, the opportunity to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 may be offered in place of prosecution. This can be reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

For more information contact the Central Bedfordshire Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team on 0300 300 5686, email or by post: Central Bedfordshire Council Watling House High Street North Dunstable Bedfordshire LU6 1LF


Parking on verges and footways is a hazard and an inconvenience to pedestrians, other road users and causes damage to the highway and underground services.

Kensworth Parish Council have applied to Central Bedfordshire Council for a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) to prohibit parking where verge or footway parking creates a hazard, obstruction or damage. The proposed Order is considered necessary for avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road, preventing damage to the road and for facilitating the passage of traffic, including pedestrians and will be enforced by Central Bedfordshire Council.


No Cold Calling Zones are designed to give a clear message to traders and other business callers that residents in the area do not wish to receive unsolicited calls. It is not illegal for a trader to cold call, but No Cold Calling Signs act as a deterrent.

To report an unwanted doorstep caller, please call the bogus caller hotline on 03454 04 05 06.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Bedfordshire Police have launched a policing team called Operation Sentinel, commited to tackling anti-social behaviour.   

The team will carry out targeted police patrols in the community, addressing the priority issues that matter most to residents.  

You can contact the Operation Sentinel team by emailing